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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
R276 Unlocking Secrets with Single Cell Genomics Core Jeong, Mira Session B
R277 Optimization of Implantation Conditions for the Establishment of Patient-derived Xenograft Models Dobrolecki, Lacey Session A
R278 Rapid Selection, Sequencing, and Production of Antibodies from Antigen-Specific Plasma Cells Recovered by FACS Plummer, Joshua Session B
R279 Integrated Cancer Research Core (ICRC) at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) Enriquez, Iris Session A
R280 Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR) at UT Health San Antonio-MD Anderson-Mays Cancer Center Li, Yue Session B
R281 A proteolysis-targeting chimera molecule selectively degrades ENL and inhibits malignant gene expression and tumor growth Li, Xin Session A
R282 StagX1: An Isoquinolinone Compound Targeting Carboxylesterase 1 (CES1) Positive Cells as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Ewing Sarcoma Zhang, Nenggang Session B
R283 Targeting RNA-protein networks in cancer using chemical and global methods Ciancone, Anthony Session A
R284 Metabolites profiling of R14 in rat urine by ultra performance liquid chromatography–quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry Wang, Yang Session B
R285 Antibody-like therapeutics to redirect effector T cells to CMV-positive glioblastomas Qerqez, Ahlam Session A
R286 Modulation of Autophagy with Cyclic Peptides Millward, Steven Session B
R287 Simultaneous targeting of LGR4/5/6 for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer Liu, Qingyun Session A
R288 MALDI-2 MSI of temozolomide distribution and metabolic dysregulation within a patient-derived xenograft murine model of glioblastoma Prideaux, Brendan Session B
R289 Minimally Invasive Peptide Delivery to the Spinal Cord for Behavioral Modulation Leong, Tiffany Session A
R290 Discovery and Characterization of Small Molecule Drugs to Target Estrogen Receptor Mutants in Breast Cancer , Session B
R291 A Glycine-based Tripeptide Linker for Maximizing the Therapeutic Index of Antibody–Drug Conjugates Ha, Summer Y. Y. Session A
R292 Structurally diverse small molecules for allosteric non-covalent inhibition of KRAS Pagba, Cynthia Session B
R293 Optimization of a fluorescence polarization assay for developing novel covalent inhibitors of BCL6-BTB McCrory, John Session A
R294 Development of potent and selective YAP-1 inhibitors towards cancer: Lead optimization and in vitro proof- of-concept studies Barrera, Leslie Session B
R295 Optical Blood-Brain-Tumor Barrier Modulation Expands Therapeutic Options for Glioblastoma Treatment Cai, Qi Session A
R296 Chicken-derived anti-CD20 antibodies with potent B cell depletion activity Chockalingam, Karuppiah Session B
R297 Evaluation of a predictive AI algorithm for imaging probe design and development Gonzalez, Paulina Session A
R298 Synthetic Lethal Drug Combinations Targeting Stem Cells in the Evolution of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Xian, Wa Session B
R299 Drug-Linker Constructs Incorporating Unique Dual-Mechanism Payloads: Indole-based Analogues of OXi8006 Bearing Aryl Ring Bridge Modifications Wong, Yu Ching Session A
R300 Investigating Proteolytic Cleavage of Drug-Linker Construct Targeting Plasmin with Anticancer Benzosuberene-Based Payload KGP18 Tankoano, Pouguiniseli Session B

325 results found.
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