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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
P376 Effect of patient navigation on completion of lung cancer screening in vulnerable populations Bhalla, Sheena Session A
P377 Adaptation and Evaluation of the Clinic-Based Adolescent Vaccination Program (AVP): A Replication Study Savas, Lara Session B
P378 The Need for HPV Vaccination Among Postpartum Women Chapman, Molly Session A
P379 HPV Vaccination in a Large Cervical Cancer Screening Program Zamarripa, Sarah Session B
P380 Challenges and Opportunities for HPV Vaccination in a School-Based Clinic Setting McGee , Lindy Session A
P381 Insights about All for Them implementation: A qualitative assessment Choi, Jihye Session B
P382 Disparities in cancer mortality patterns: a comprehensive examination of U.S. rural and urban adults, 1999-2020 Sokale, Itunu Session A
P383 Tiempo de Vacunarte: A Community HPV Vaccination Program Salaiz, Rebekah Session B
P384 Self-Reported HPV Vaccine Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors among Parents from Schools Participating in a School-Based HPV Vaccine Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas Montealegre, Jane Session A
P385 Facebook and HPV vaccine messages: What types of messages are being shared and did these change after the COVID pandemic? Shay, L. Aubree Session B
P386 Using the Organizational Readiness to Change Theory to Understand the Implementation of a Tobacco-Cessation Program in Homeless-Serving Agencies: A Qualitative Study Martinez Leal, Isabel Session A
P387 Implementation Outcomes from an Expansion of the All for Them HPV Vaccination Initiative Gabay, Efrat Session B
P388 Access to Breast Healthcare for Underserved and Uninsured Women in Southeast Texas thru Mobile Mammography. Speer, Karen Session A
P389 Addressing the Burden of Liver Cancer in Texas’ Southern Border Region Taranova, Anna Session B
P390 Promising Outcomes of a Culturally Tailored Tobacco Cessation program for High-Risk Populations Roach, Dina Session A
P391 Texas A&M NPs CARE: Cancer Addressed through Rural Engagement Vargas, Sylvia Session B
P392 Usability and Feasibility of AVP-IT: An Online Tool to Facilitate the Implementation of Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase HPV Vaccination Rates in Pediatric Clinics Shegog, Ross Session A
P393 South Texas Hispanic churchgoers’ awareness and knowledge of cancer risks, preventive behaviors, and screening recommendations: A baseline assessment from the BHT Big ‘C’ Program Wilmoth, Summer Session B
P394 Opportunities and Challenges to Lung Cancer Screening in Rural Texas McKnight, Jason Session A
P395 Colorectal Cancer Screening Outcomes among a Sample of Low-Income, Uninsured Texans: A Program-Based Study Hsin Chen, Wen Session B
P396 Multi-faceted program to advance breast cancer health equity Ajewole, Veronica Session A
P397 Pediatric oncology providers’ knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and practice towards the HPV vaccine after communication training: A comparison to a national survey Teixeira, Rejane Andina Session B
P398 Application of mHealth Technologies to Improve Latino Childhood Cancer Survivor Engagement and Use of Evidence for Personalize Follow-up Care and Screening Fordis, Michael Session A
P399 Expanding the Impact of the Evidence-Based Salud En Mis Manos (SEMM) Intervention: Evaluation of the Telephone-Based SEMM Education Component Savas, Lara Session B
P400 South Texas Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Voices on HPV Vaccination Sanchez, Gabriella Session A

325 results found.
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