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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
R251 Differential Effects of Anxiety Sensitivity and Distress Tolerance on Cigarette Dependence across Black and White Racial Groups: Evidence from a Treatment-Seeking Sample Heggeness, Luke Session A
R252 Designing an immunofluorescence-based biomarker assay for detecting Rb and phospho-Rb expression in HR+/HER2- breast cancer Tabassum, Mantasha Session B
R253 Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Associated New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus: A Path Towards Earlier Detection Patterson, LaNisha Session A
R254 Non-invasive Detection and Assessment of Treatment Response in Multiple Myeloma using Efficient Whole-body MRI Lin, Sheng-Qing Session B
R255 WONDER: Accelerating Real World Data-driven Precision Oncology through Data Science and Informatics Excellence in Research Liu, Hongfang Session A
R256 Gut microbiota dysbiosis at the onset of immune checkpoint inhibitor-mediated colitis impacts risk of disease and associated cancer prognosis Halsey, Taylor Session A
R257 Effectiveness of First-Line Immunotherapy for Metastatic Melanoma: A Propensity Score Analysis from the Texas Cancer Registry Database Thornton, James Session A
R258 Precision medicine MRI neuromodulation enhances swallow control targeted for the alleviation of radiation-induced cranial neuropathy (RICN) in head and neck cancer Allam, Anthony Session B
R259 Androgen Deprivation Therapy and the Risk of Rheumatic Autoimmune Diseases in Men with Prostate Cancer Albayyaa, Mohanad Session A
R260 Individualized MRI neuromodulation enhances visual perception targeted towards the rehabilitation of cortical blindness in optic glioma patients Allam, Anthony Session B
R261 Individualized neuromodulation improves visual perception in a cortically blind patient: a treatment that can be applied to optic glioma patients Allam, Anthony Session A
R262 Selective sparing normal tissue in the gastrointestinal tract in FLASH radiotherapy for both proton and electron beamlines Liu, Kevin Session A
R263 The Texas Clinical Trials Network—an opportunity to bring cancer clinical trials to diverse settings and populations Priddy, Laurin Session A
R264 Minimal Residual Disease Assessment in Colorectal Cancer (MiRDA-C) Trial: Surveillance with Circulating Tumor DNA Aziz, Kathryn Session B
R265 Impact of Class II/III Obesity on Doxorubicin Pharmacokinetics in Women with Breast Cancer Liu, Shuhan Session A
R266 The Texas Clinical Trials Participation Program—helping cancer patients overcome the financial toxicity of clinical trials Person, Marieshia Session B
R267 Data Science and Informatics Core for Cancer Research Zheng, Wenjin Session A
R268 Proteolytic cleavage of IgG hinge in the tumor microenvironment associated with impairment of antitumor immunity Fan, Xuejun Session B
R269 The Texas PDX Portal for PDX Collection Management, Analysis, Data Display and Pre-clinical Study Design Dowst, Heidi Session A
R270 The circadian clock CRY1 in breast cancer stem cells Park, Nicolas Session B
R271 Intrinsic epigenetic state of primary osteosarcoma drives metastasis Singh, Irtisha Session A
R272 CPRIT Core Facility Support Award (CFSA) RP210227: Cancer Metabolomic and Proteomic Core Facility. , Session B
R273 Design and Synthesis of Novel Menin PROTACs for Pediatric Leukemia Nieves-Merced, Karinel Session A
R274 Texas A&M Microphysiological Lead Optimization and Toxicity Screening (MLOTS) Program Stephan, Clifford Session B
R275 Texas A&M Combinatorial Drug Discovery and High-throughput Flow Cytometry Core Facilities Davies, Peter Session A

325 results found.
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