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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
P401 Challenges replacing the traditional uterine cervical cancer diagnosis with molecular tools in private gynecological practice in Mexico Barrera-Saldaña, Hugo Session B
P402 A Mixed-Methods Assessment of the CPRIT Prevention Program: Findings from the First 18 Months Cargill, Jessica Session A
P403 School teachers’ perspectives on adolescent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and willingness to recommend the HPV vaccine: A systematic review Choi, Jihye Session B
P404 Shared decision‐making and decisional conflict in a lung cancer screening program for underserved populations Mejia, M. Carmenza Session A
P405 Access and adherence to low-dose CT-based lung cancer screening in an urban, safety-net population Rathod, Rutu Session A
P406 Evaluating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on colorectal cancer screening within a large, mailed outreach program Berry, Emily Session A
P407 Lung Cancer Screening and Tobacco Cessation: Barriers, Facilitators and the Role of Tobacco Counselors, Patient Navigators, and Clinician Education in Addressing Social Determinants of Health Zoorob, Roger Session B
P408 Understanding Barriers and Needs in Liver Cancer Prevention: A Qualitative Study of a Houston Community Clinic Khan, Mohammad Session A
P409 Addressing cervical cancer disparities in Texas: Expansion of a community-based prevention initiative for medically underserved populations Varon, Melissa Session B
P410 Comprehensive Program for Improving Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening among the Medically Underserved Arenas, Edward Session A
P411 Adapting a Theater Outreach Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic to Promote Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening Arenas, Edward Session B
P412 Adherence to Follow Up Recommendations in a Large Lung Cancer Screening Program Miller, Stacie Session A
P413 Effectiveness of an EHR-Based Patient Navigation Program in Reducing Lag Time to Colorectal Cancer Screening Completion Rustveld, Luis Session B
P414 Association Between Obesity and Smoking and Risk for Colorectal Cancer Precursors: A Cross-Sectional Study Rustveld, Luis Session A
P415 Reducing Survivorship Outcome Disparities in the Rio Grande Valley Gramatges, Maria Session B
P416 Bridging the gap to successful cancer screening with patient navigation : The PEN (Patient Education & Navigation) Project ECHO Program Pippin, Monica Session A
P417 Advancing Breast Health among Uninsured Women in Central Texas: A Collaborative Effort to Increase Breast Cancer Screening via Mobile Mammography Shokar, Navkiran Session B
P418 Demographic, Geographic, and Temporal Patterns of Melanoma Incidence in Texas, 2000-2018: a Bayesian Disease Mapping Analysis Bauer, Cici Session A
P419 Grand Challenges in Clinicogenomic Documentation of the Patient Journey from Risk to Cancer Diagnosis Moore, Jordan Session B
P420 Active Living After Cancer: An evidence-based intervention for cancer survivors and caregivers to help increase quality of life and physical functioning through increasing physical activity Laffoon, Kylee Session A
P421 Evaluation of a program to increase HPV vaccination rates among childhood cancer survivors across five pediatric oncology sites in the Texas Pediatric Minority Underserved NCORP Shay, L. Aubree Session B
P422 Enhancing Pediatric Cancer Prevention Research: A Reusable Pipeline for Data Integration and Harmonization Zhang, Shiming Session A
P423 Understanding the role of geometric indices in contour peer review for organ-at-risk dose evaluation in radiotherapy Marquez, Barbara Session A
P424 Comparing predictions of proton relative biological effectiveness between LETd and lineal energy spectrum-based models DeCunha, Joseph Session A
R425 Histological Analysis of White Matter Disruption in a Glioma Xenograft Model File, Christopher Session B

325 results found.
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