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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
R126 Uncovering key microenvironmental features for immunotherapy response at the subclonal level in pancreatic cancer Yen, Er-Yen Session B
R127 Development of Technical Assistance Support as Part of the Salud en Mis Manos Dissemination and Implementation Assistance (SEMM-DIA) Multicomponent Implementation Support Strategy; the SEMM-DIA Project ECHO Program Alaniz, Angelita Session A
R128 Development of a Lateral Flow Assay for Prompt, Point of Care Diagnosis of Rapidly-Fatal Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) Kourentzi, Katerina Session B
R129 Barriers to Cancer Screening Among Older LGBTQ+ Adults: A Scoping Review Yockey, R. Andrew Session A
R130 Computational tools for characterizing extracellular structures in H&E whole slide images. Lesicko, John Session B
R131 Mitochondrial depletion and metabolic reprogramming is a novel phenotype of Lynch syndrome-related endometrial carcinogenesis Bowen, Mikayla Session A
R132 Episodes of Acute Methotrexate-Related Neurotoxicity Linked to Compromised Long-term Neurocognitive Function Harris, Rachel Session A
R133 Financial distress in couples coping with metastatic breast cancer: cross sectional associations with sleep and caregiver health-related quality of life Brumley, Sarah Session B
R134 Quantitative NIRF-LI scanning of lymphatic dysfunction for early diagnosis of cancer-acquired lymphedema Rasmussen, John Session A
R135 Photovoice on Cervical Cancer Screening, Care, Barriers, and Healthcare Policy and Practice Implications among Hispanic Women in El Paso, TX Whitney, Meagan Session B
R136 Addressing cancer survivorship needs through lay patient navigation: Developing education for Texas community health workers (CHWs) Bloom, Rosaleen Session A
R137 Utilizing Project ECHO to Support Management of Cancer Survivors in a Primary Care Setting Gilmore, Katherine Session B
R138 Evaluation of primary care providers’ knowledge and self-efficacy in the management of cancer survivors Nguyen, Linh Session A
R139 Enhancing Cancer Survivorship Care Knowledge among Primary Care Clinicians in Community Health Centers Balasubramanian, Bijal Session B
R140 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Perceived Discrimination and Medical Mistrust in Patients with Cirrhosis Kramer, Jennifer Session A
R141 Circulating cytokines associated with survival among lung cancer patients responsive to HPV antigen stimulation Geris, Jennifer Session B
R142 Incidence of HPV-Associated Cancers at Medically Underserved Areas in Texas Hoang, Thao Session A
R143 No Difference in End-induction Minimal Residual Disease or Survival For Children Living in Hispanic/Latinx Enclaves Following Diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Schraw, Jeremy Session B
R144 Somatic mutations of esophageal adenocarcinoma: a comparison between Black and White patients Lim, Hyeyeun Session A
R145 Metabolome-wide Association Study of End-Induction Minimal Residual Disease in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Schraw, Jeremy Session B
R146 Exploration of fragmentomics for monitoring disease progression in Neurofibromatosis patients Han, Daphne Session A
R147 Association of residence within Hispanic ethnic enclaves and late-stage colorectal cancer diagnosis among Hispanics in four U.S. states Rathod, Aniruddha Session B
R148 Increased risk of cancer in children with spina bifida: a population-based assessment of 14 million births Shetty, Priya Session A
R149 Trends in Patients Characteristics, Treatment, and Outcomes of Endometrial Cancer in the United States from 2005 to 2020 Adekanmbi, Victor Session B
R150 Trends in the Use of Granulocyte Growth Stimulating Factors in Texas Medicare Beneficiaries with Cancers, 2010 to 2019 Fish, Kaylee Session A

325 results found.
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