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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
R326 Oncolytic adenoviral therapy demonstrates efficacy in murine models of melanoma brain metastases Du, Yi Session A
R327 A Reversible Chemogenetic Switch for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells Cao, Wenyue Session B
R328 Monoclonal antibodies targeting PCDH7 inhibit tumor growth and enhance targeted therapy response in non-small cell lung cancer Novaresi, Nicole Session A
R329 Peptide drug ablating adipose-derived cancer-associated fibroblasts suppresses pancreatic cancer aggressiveness Daquinag, Alexes Session B
R330 Development of a theranostic agent for image-guided delivery of temozolomide to SSTR2 expressing cells AghaAmiri, Solmaz Session A
R331 Targeting cancer stem cell plasticity to overcome colorectal cancer resistance and relapse Subramanian , Shraddha Session B
R332 Integrative cancer biology-on-chip: Blood science and angiogenesis-enabled Ovarian TME-Chips determine platelet pathophysiology in antiangiogenic escape Das Ghosh, Lopamudra Session A
R333 Genetic and pharmacological regulation of DYRK2 in chronic myeloid leukemia Beall, Eliza Session B
R334 Overexpression of mutant EZH2 augments the efficacy of anti-PSMA CAR T therapy against prostate cancer Barua, Amrita Session A
R335 Gedunin suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma cells growth and metastasis through targeting stem cells population Perez, Karla Session B
R336 2’, 3’-Dehydrosalannol: A Potent Anticancer Agent for Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma Barragan, Jose Session A
D337 Enhancing Margin Visualization for Breast Cancer via Convolutional Neural Network Based Deep Learning on Wide-Field Optical Coherence Tomography Scans Levy, Yanir Session A
D338 Individualized MRI-Neuromodulation: An intervention for persistent post-mastectomy pain after lymph node dissection. Papageorgiou, T. Dorina Session B
D339 Initial clinical implementation of a Fully Customized Oral Stent Fabricated Using Intraoral Scanning (IOS) and Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing for patients with oropharyngeal cancer receiving Radiotherapy (RT) Tino, Rance Session A
D340 Point of care (POC) Diagnostic Testing Device using PCR for Lung Cancer Detection. Calderon M, Justo L Session B
D341 Detection of Residual Peritoneal Metastases Following Cytoreductive Surgery Using pegsitacianine, a pH Sensitive Imaging Agent Olson, Madeline Session A
D342 A Novel Immunotherapy for Relapsed/Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Saini, Uksha Session A
D343 A highly selective humanized DDR1 mAb reverses immune exclusion by disrupting collagen fiber alignment in breast cancer Liu, Junquan Session B
D344 Ph II Clinical Trials to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of IMSA101 in Combination with Radiotherapy and Checkpoint Inhibitors in Oligometastatic and Oligoprogressive Solid Tumor Malignancies Widhelm, Patrick Session A
D345 Rapid and Simplified Process for Manufacturing Multi-Tumor-Associated Antigen Specific T Cells Smith, Anastasiya Session B
D346 Phase 1 First-in-Human Clinical Trial of HMBD-002: Evaluating an IgG4 Monoclonal Antibody Targeting VISTA in Advanced Solid Tumors Haber, Tom Session A
D347 Preclinical development of IMGS-001, a novel anti-PD-L1/PD-L2 monoclonal antibody with effector function Salameh, Ahmad Session B
D348 ONM-501, a dual-activating polyvalent STING agonist, enhances tumor retention and demonstrates favorable preclinical safety profile Krishnan, Kartik Session A
D349 MT-401 multiTAA-specific T cells (zedenoleucel) for the treatment of AML Vera, Juan Session B
D350 Discovery of TBL1 Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents Targeting the Wnt Signaling Pathway Jain, Prashi Session A

325 results found.
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