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Poster ID Title Primary Author Session
R226 Banana Lectin Expressing CAR T Cells to Target Heterogenous Solid Tumors McKenna, Katie Session A
R227 T cell receptor engineering for the treatment of EGFR-mutant lung cancer Zhang, Minying Session B
R228 Treatment with metronidazole improves response and reduces toxicity to immune checkpoint blockade therapy Dong, Liang Session A
R229 Delineating the role for LIF in monocyte development and function Kahn, Laura Session A
R230 Inflammatory memory restrains intestinal stem cell (ISC) regeneration after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT) , Session B
R231 Lymphatic delivery of immune checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy to prevent immune-related adverse events Wiggins, David Session A
R232 MYCN reprograms cysteine metabolism to drive immune-suppression and neuroblastoma progression Wolf, Amber Session B
R233 Targeting CD70 using CAR NK cells to enhance NK cells cytolytic effect against osteosarcoma Rav, Emily Session A
R234 Harnessing the lymphatics to modulate the tumor immune microenvironment Sevick-Muraca, Eva Session B
R235 Production and Functional Characterization of HLA-G Targeting Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) expressing Natural Killer (NK) Cells for the Treatment of Hematological and Solid malignancies. Kundu, Kiran Session A
R236 In vitro induced regulatory T cells (Tregs) mimic the anti-tumor activities of SRC-3 KO natural Tregs Graham, Davis Session B
R237 Targeting DNA Damage Response Modulates "don't eat me" signals to convert radiotherapy into a systemic immunotherapy to treat metastatic Colorectal Cancer Turner, Broderick Session A
R238 Forecasting radiation therapy response of high-grade gliomas via image-driven mathematical modeling Hormuth, David Session A
R239 Making the Undruggable Druggable: Molecular Simulation as Computational Microscopy for Target Detection in Disordered and Liquid-Like Assemblies Zerze, Gül Session B
R240 Pan-cancer proteogenomics expands the landscape of therapeutic targets Lei, Jonathan Session A
R241 Deconvolving intra-tumor heterogeneity in renal cancer via deep learning Nielsen, Aleksandra Session B
R242 A High-Fidelity and Scalable Simulator for Benchmarking Cancer Subclonal Reconstruction Methods Jin , Haijing Session A
R243 Accurate inference of kinase activity from human tumor phosphoproteomics data nominates active kinases as therapuetic targets Jaehnig, Eric Session B
R244 Quantification and correlative analysis of subclonal and non-clonal imperfect dsDNA break repair Bromberg, Raquel Session A
R245 Assessment of EHR Data Quality Variability Among Different Racial Groups in the Case Study of de novo stage IV breast cancer (DNIV) Fu, Sunyang Session B
R246 Accelerating Cancer Data Standardization and Sharing through CancerOntoGPT: A Novel Architecture Leveraging Large Language Models Jiang, Xiaoqian Session A
R247 Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals unique expression pattern of APOBEC3 enzymes in HPV-associated cancers Liu, Xingyu Session B
R248 Identifying copy-neutral loss-of-heterozygosity in the presence of runs of homozygosity Valdebenito, Jessica Session B
R249 Reparative microsurgeries for cancer-related lymphedema Aldrich, Melissa Session A
R250 Improved outcome for patients with alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) neuroblastoma randomized to tandem myeloablative therapy on COG ANBL0532 KONERU, BALAKRISHNA Session B

325 results found.
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